Superhit Movies

Latest Movies

Mission Impossible

Rain Man

Mission:ollywood drama film

Released Date-December 16, 1988

Co-Stars-Valeria Golino,Tom Cruise...

Directed By-Barry Levinson

Produced By-Mark Johnson

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

War Horse

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

War Horse

Top 10 Romantic Movies

Days of Thunder

Genre- American auto racing film

Released Date-June 27, 1990

Co-Stars-Tom Cruise,Nicole Kidman...

Directed By-Tony Scott

Produced By-Don Simpson

Top 10 Comedy movies

A Few Good Men

1. Home Alone
2. The General
3. It’s a Gift
4. The Breakfast Club
5. Modern Times
6. The Odd Couple
7. Move Over ,Darling
8. Nothing Sacred
9. East is East
10. Austin Powers

Top Action Movies

Jerry Maguire
  1. Napoleon
  2. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  3. The Ten Commandments
  4. Enter the Dragon
  5. Top Gun
  6. Cleopatra
  7. The Adventures of Robin Hood
  8. The Sea Hawk
  9. Gone with the Wind
  10. A Passage to India

Top Horros Movies

  1. King Kong
  2. Dracula
  3. Dead of Night
  4. The Silence of the Lambs
  5. Nosferatu
  6. The Phantom of the Opera
  7. Night of the Living Dead
  8. The Sixth Sense
  9. Bride of Frankenstein
  10. Freaks


Top Drama Movies

Vanilla Sky
  1. Mr.Smith Goes To Washington
  2. Sholey (Hindi)
  3. Citizen Kane
  4. 12 Angry Men
  5. All About Eve
  6. The best years of our Lives
  7. The Graduate
  8. Great Expecttaions
  9. It’s a Wonderful Life
  10. Easy Rider


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